The Magic of Rain!

Last Updated 28 October 2010, 13:16 IST

The endless sky is covered;
Dark clouds have hovered;
The burning sun is eclipsed;
Slowly the aroma of wet mud is spread.
 The ever cheery birds have stopped chirping;
The ever active squirrels have stopped scurrying;
The only movement is the trees gently swaying;
Every part of nature is silently enjoying.

The people all run hither and thither;
Every person tries to reach a shelter near;
Their vehicles-the drivers carefully steer;
Everyone prays for the sky to clear.
After long, the thick clouds break apart;
Through the slits, the gleaming sunrays dart;
From their nests, all the creatures depart,
And soon their activities restart!

Nikhila B.S.
R.V. P.U. College

(Published 28 October 2010, 13:16 IST)

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