Something Divine

Something Divine

Something Divine

The feeling of hell drowned  me once
The sparkly lights, made me love the
   darkness more

Feeling lost was like a game to me
    where I won each time
Laughter was noise to my ears

Smiles took on a different route.
When everything was so dark and blur
      in my life

When everything was so sharp and
      blunt simultaneously
When everything I touched died
      with sadness and failure


You turned the sun back to me,
But it did not burn me

Just helped me glow again
You compared me

To the beauty of the moon
My smile to the silent night

My burnt-out eyes to the reflection
     of the winter waves
My laughter to the soft tender bud

And our love….
Something divine

Thank you mummy.

Deeksha M Rao
Std X, ‘C’ Cluny Convent High School