Social network updating is made easy by ShoZu. The process for uploading pics, video or text is now simple.
Just drag and drop the media you want to share. After the picture or video shows up, type a short caption in the small box and or any additional text into the big box, and off you go.
ShoZu CCs your email and/or other destinations you choose. This feature saves time. The program prevents duplication—you don’t end up posting the same thing on the same site, multiple times. It can also help transfer content from your phone directly to many content sharing sites. ShoZu can be used to enable your phone to receive online content too. The ShoZu desktop app runs with Adobe Air and the most recent version of Adobe Flash. To know more on ShoZu visit  http://www.shozu.com

Video calling

Logitech’s Vid, an Internet video calling software, is for the “non-techie”. With a really easy-to-use interface, Vid makes it easy using a webcam and Internet connection. Vid is based on a person’s email address. It, presently, does not connect to Skype, AIM etc.
Vid is a straightforward way to make video calls. Just add a friend using his or her email address; wait for your friend’s acceptance of your invitation and make a video call simply by clicking on your friend’s picture. Vid for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X  can be downloaded at http://www.logitech.com/vid. A CPU that’s 2.5GHz or faster is recommended for enhanced performance.

Free OCR

Free-OCR.com is a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool. This is used to perform OCR on any image you upload. The service is free, and no registration is necessary. Upload a PDF or image file (JPG, TIFF, BMP). Free OCR processes the document/image in a few seconds transforming them into plain text format. Currently, images larger than 2MB, wider or higher than 5000 pixels are not accepted for conversion. Also, there is a limit of 10 image uploads per hour. No need for any pre-processing of images except that these images are not skewed right or left. The recommended DPI for the images is 150. You can try out the Free OCR service at http://www.free-ocr.com/

Broadband Helper

Imran’s Broadband Helper Utility may be found useful by readers who use BSNL DataOne broadband connection, Plan—Home 500, Home 500 C, Home 500 Combo plus etc (or any other connection which uses ADSL Router and having the “free usage time” concept) and want to utilise the free usage time  efficiently.
Features:  disable connection from 09:00-02:00 so that there would be ZERO usage during this period; reboot your ADSL Modem at 02:01, so that a new connection starts in the free usage time; ShutDown the PC at 08:00 AM; determines your IP address, before and after every Reboot; can schedule any application like uTorrent to automatically start at some specified time, and more. All the features are configurable, according to your needs.

Imran’s Broadband Helper Utility can be downloaded at http://imran-utilities.synthasite.com/

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