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Need deeper probe


This refers to 'PM forces Raja to resign'(DH Nov 15). The 2G Spectrum scam is not a small issue which ends with the resignation of the Minister. It needs a deeper and systematic probe to bring to light the people who were behind this scam and the money amassed by them.

Deshmukh Raghavendra Rao,

Defy black money!


This refers to ' Will defy blackmail, black magic, says BSY' (DH, Nov 8). Our constantly teary-eyed CM should rather defy black money greed and nepotism. He himself unethically favoured his already rich and landed sons with posh plots in Bangalore, when crores of Kannadigas don't own a square centimetre of land, and are desperate for a roof over their heads! Frenetically visiting various temples or donating people's money to them will not convince God! Let BSY rest assured that neither voters nor God will forgive self-serving, profiteering politicians of any hue who merely put on a public-serving act!

Vinod Kumar B
HSR layout,

Relevance of Gandhian values


Mr. Jim Yardley takes the stand that India's rise as a global power would mean the country moving further and further away from Gandhian ideals (DH Nov.8). A living organism, a dynamic society, cannot but be largely influenced by changes in material surroundings and changing environment.  Hence, what was relevant and practical at a point of time need not continue to be so indefinitely.

The growth of technology has accelerated tremendously since the days of Gandhi.

It would be unwise to question the validity of the messages of those sages and savants in the changed circumstances.

Notwithstanding these rapid changes, mankind can still stick on to laudable values like honesty, sincerity, love, humanity, and so on. These are eternally valid as stated by Gopalakrishnan Gandhi, cited in the article of Yardley.


US should introspect


This refers to "US, India strike big deals (DH: 7th Nov, 2010).  America needs to focus on its own culpability rather than make noise about loosing jobs to India.  It must be remembered that US Corporations first tasted success when the Y2K Bug got tackled by employing thousands of  Indian engineers at low cost. This really paved the way for companies to go for outsourcing in a big way. Had US Govt provided better industrial policies,subsidies & business incentive for US Corporations, these jobs would not have left US shores.   Lastly, America can’t afford to build walls around borders, because as they say 'the world is becoming flatter and flatter'.   

Kamal Mehta
Magadi Road


Power bills


It is surprising that the power bill of Rs 7.5 lakh is paid by the Centre for the ruling party president, who is not in the government holding any ministerial position. Does Sonia Gandhi deserve to be treated specially by the Union government just because she is an all powerful commander of the Congress? Why shouldn’t the Congress pay the bill instead of paying from tax payers’ money?

V S Ganeshan

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