No time to work out!

Busy Schedule

No time to work out!

Fit: Exercise keeps one’s mind and body in equilibrium.

Blame it on hectic schedules, erratic work hours, frenzy deadlines, sedentary lifestyles and endless pressure.

Work has encroached upon everybody’s lives so much so that they hardly find time to work out these days.

 Metrolife takes a look at those people who are caught in this muddle of exhausting work schedules.

Manjunath B V, a system analyst with a private firm, blames lifestyle along with work pressure, “Basically, we have followed a very sedentary lifestyle for a long time and lack of motivation is the biggest enemy. I hardly get to work out since my schedule is just impossible to cope with, but I try my best to make sometime at least once in three months,” he says.

Sona Anand, a HR professional, says, “The maximum I can do is take a walk from my place to the bus-stop. It’s hard to find time for my own self, let alone work out.”

 Weekends can also be a nightmare for some people, Abhijith S R, an IT professional says, “Even during weekends, I have to work from home at times. It gets so hectic that I find it suffocating, but I have to meet my commitments at the end of the day. So I don’t get to work out.” 

However, some people do take time out to workout despite their buy schedule. Ranjitha, a professional says, “I don’t agree with people saying they don’t have time. I take time to work out everyday, my health matters a lot to me, I want to have a balanced mind and body no matter how busy I get.”

Sweating out despite busy hours can also help counter stressful situations and think in a more relaxed manner, Manoj, a research project fellow, says, “My schedule is absolutely frantic, there are times when I have worked even on Sundays till late night. But I try to find time for a small work-out session and ten minutes of meditation. It really helps me counter all my blues and also plan things properly in a relaxed manner.”

So what then can be done to counter this problem and start working out? Manoj says, “I completely understand how it feels to be working round the clock, but at the same time, we can’t keep blaming things in life. Instead we should re-schedule our time-tables and make sure we do something in order to keep our mind and body in equilibrium.”  If one could devote just a little time from their uptight schedule and take time to sweat it out, it could perhaps help a lot.

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