Friends in a daze, police baffled

Search continues for Aditya, an engineer who has gone missing

search on:  Fire personnel search for Aditya (inset) at Yamlur Lake on Wednesday. dh Photo

Five young men, all engineers, who were travelling on Yamlur tank bund lost control of their car and plunged into the lake. Four escaped unhurt while Aditya is still missing.

Aditya could not have fallen to the left of the road as there is a barricade and the only possibility is that he might have sunk in the slush in the tank.

At the Airport traffic police station, Vinod and Kishore were sitting dazed. Mohith joined them later and tried his best to unravel the story.

The police inspector took him to the car and asked him to show how exactly Aditya was travelling on top of the car. Meanwhile, a constable climbed the car and tried to position himself on the parked vehicle. Searching for words, Mohith could only mutter say: 'Sir, I can only say he was travelling seated on the top.”

The friends searched almost all the hospitals in the City on Wednesday, thinking that Aditya might have slipped and fallen on the road and someone might have taken him to hospital. But in vain. “Aditya is a very positive and hyperactive person. I am confident that even if he was stuck in the lake, he will wriggle out and meet us to tell the tale,” said Mohith.

Aditya’s parents were inconsolable. From early morning, they were glued to the earthmover which was digging out the weeds, in search of Aditya, who has gone missing.

Only child

Vishwanth, Aditya’s father told Deccan Herald: “Aditya is my eldest child and only son. My daughter is still young.”

After completing his PUC in KLE, Aditya went on to become an engineer. He has also appeared for the MBA entrance exam. The family is from Andhra Pradesh and came to the City long ago.

Till late in the evening, police were struggling to collect details of Sowmya and her whereabouts, since her statements are crucial for the case. Traffic cops were contemplating to file a missing complaint with the HAL police station.

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