It's not a small world anymore

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Convenient : Small shops still have a charm of their own.

The malls stock the very same things that a shop would and also offer a host of other services that people can indulge in. Metrolife spoke to a few people and asked them if supermarkets and petty shops were  fast-disappearing.

Sri Lakshmi, a bank employee feels that shopping in supermarkets and malls is a lot easier and safer than going to small petty shops. “It is not about ignoring these small shops. Since my family lives on the outskirts of the city, we find it difficult to go to a particular shop and buy things. We get everything under one roof in a supermarket or a mall. Sometimes we do rely on petty shops too but not everything is available in these shops,” she says.

Some people prefer shopping both in supermarkets and at small shops. Anitha, an employee with a private firm feels they serve different purposes. “When there is an immediate necessity, I think the small shops are the ones that come to our rescue. Even for vegetables, the cart vendors are the best choice. But when I want to buy something in bulk, it’s the supermarkets that offer everything at a wholesale price. So it is a double bonanza for people,” she says.

“The advantage with smaller shops is that one can bargain with the vegetable and fruits available there. Plus some grocery shops have a subsidised price which is less than the price at mall and super market,” says Sarala, a homemaker.  There are people who don’t prefer shopping  in malls as the products available there are way too expensive.

Karthik K, an IT professional says, “I think it is better to shop at small places rather than a mall. The same commodities are available in a small shop for a reasonable price. When we go to these big shops, they charge us double the price with a different tag which is as good as buying it in a small place.”

However, some people who are well acquainted with the small shop owners feel that it is better to buy at small places because they get it on credit basis at times.

Niveditha G R, a student counsellor says, “I have known a provision store in my area for the last ten years. Sometimes when I need something quickly, I just go there and get it.

When there is  shortage of money they are fine with me paying it later. This is what makes me comfortable and I prefer buying it there. It cannot be the same with a mall or a supermarket.”

Although many people shop at malls and supermarkets due to dearth of time, small shops seem to retain their charm and are the easiest and most convenient option for most people.

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