HP to marry Palm tech with its own for products

HP Multimedia Communication & Networking Labs Director John Apostolopoulos said HP Labs in Palo Alto and  Bangalore would work to bring the technology from the acquisition to the market place.

“India, with its increasing mobile subscription numbers, would be ideal place to market things like multi-lingual input/output, gesture-based technology (on mobile) and use of mobile to get better TV viewing experience.”

HP’s R&D wing would play key role in bolstering Palm’s webOS platform with innovations such as gesture and other human-machine interface technology. Despite developing several backend software technologies which is part of mobile experiences, he said HP needs to make significant headway into smartphone and mobile connectivity market, estimated to be US$100 billion.

“We’re not known in consumer (mobile) software segment in spite of our technology being used in fixed mobile conversion, two-way video streaming etc… We depended on Microsoft for our software requirement which was a mistake. With Palm acquisition we are hoping to correct it,” he said.

HP Labs India Director Sudhir Dixit said his team has been working around video/image technology. “Things like 3D have significant growth potential in sectors like education and entertainment. We are working with Palo Alto (Labs) in developing technology unique and relevant to India,” he said.

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