Former CII boss says his 'gossip' act was foolish

“Not really, I am not a political... I am not fixer,” he said in an interview on TV news channel CNN-IBN’s ‘Devil’s Advocate’ show.

Das (71) said that while he agreed to lobby for Radia, he did not do so.
“I did not lobby,” he said. Asked why he agreed to do so in his conversation with Radia, Das said, “These are casual informal conversation... I am not concerned with individual positions and individual jobs.”

He said the tape episode has brought tears to him and his family, which has suffered. He said industry chamber CII is also “probably” embarrassed and he was “absolutely sorry”.
Looking back, he said he was being indiscreet and behaved like a “more than a bloody fool”.

Did he mislead Radia, if he did not lobby for her and only agreed?
“I was not deliberately misleading her, but perhaps not completely truthful with her as to what I would do and what I would not do... I had no intention to deliver unfortunately and I apologise (to) her for that,” he said.

Das, who was associated with industry chamber CII for over four decades and was known for his high-level contacts, said that he did not deliver Radia’s message to the Congress on ministry formation in May, 2009.

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