Our good fortune to work under Sonia Gandhi: PM

"Yeh hamari behad khushmati hai ki ham Sonia Gandhi ke netritva mein kam kar rahe hai (It is our good fortune that we are working under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi)," the Prime Minister said while addressing the Congress plenary here.

He also appreciated the Congress president's clean politics and her agenda for eradicating corruption.

"Soniaji has yesterday outlined our approach and what we can and we should do to eradicate corruption in public life," Manmohan Singh said, adding that his government would pay "close attention" to what she had said during her address to the plenary Sunday.
The Congress, he said, had played a big role in India's progress. According to the Prime Minister, only the Congress could keep all sections of society together.He also issued an appeal to make the Congress stronger and better.

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