Parents kill son, daughter-in-law

Dubious Honour
Last Updated : 22 December 2010, 18:04 IST

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It was an inter-caste marriage (the girl being a Dalit), that invited the ire of the family. Sukhdev Singh and Mandeep Kaur were in love with each other and married against the wishes of Sukhdev’s parents two years ago.

The murder came to light when the girl’s sister Rajnikanta, a resident of Jalandhar, approached the police expressing her fears and urging them to locate the couple.

She smelt a rat after failing to get a satisfactory reply from Sukhdev’s parents Karaj Singh and Manjit Kaur who, Rajnikanta told the police, harassed the young couple ever since they got married.

Her apprehensions brought the police to the old couple’s doorstep. During questioning, a senior police official said, the father broke down and confessed to have murdered his son and daughter-in-law.

The murder plot by the parents was systematically planned. The young couple were first given food mixed with some sedatives to eat. Once their son and daughter-in-law fell unconscious, the parents strangulated them to death. During the night, they disposed of their bodies in a flowing canal, the police said. The incident, which has sent shock waves in the village, took place in Ferozpur of Punjab around 10-12 days ago, it is learnt.

Son, a drug addict

The police have registered a case of murder against the parents. Father Karaj Singh was arrested a couple of days ago and police have recovered the bodies of the couple from the canal.

The police said the couple told them that their son Sukhdev Singh was addicted to drugs and liquor and was in bad company. Karaj Singh informed the police that he used to torture them (parents) for money to buy drugs.

Published 22 December 2010, 09:09 IST

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