Siddu dares CM to prove innocence

Siddu dares CM to prove innocence

Opposition leader invites Yeddyurappa for a virtual duel

“If Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has any shame and self-respect, he should prove he has no hand in the scams, in the presence of thinkers, scientists and litterateurs,” Siddaramaiah thundered at a KPCC conference in Peresandra on Wednesday.

“I will bring before the people documents related to the scams and illegalities. Let Yeddyurappa come forth and prove what is true and what is false,” the Opposition leader challenged.

If Yeddyurappa failed to prove his innocence, he should resign as the Chief Minister and “If I lose the battle, I shall resign from my post as Opposition leader,” Siddaramaiah said.

Accuses of hypocrisy

Siddaramaiah reminded that cases have been filed against Yeddyurappa, his son and MP B Y Raghavendra and most members of the State cabinet. “Yet, they continue to claim to be honest and have a clean background, which is shameful,” he said.

“Yeddyurappa has not solved the problems of the people by utilising effectively the funds provided by the Central Government. He should therefore accept his failure and resign from his post,” Siddaramaiah criticised and added, “He is so busy criticising the Opposition that he has competely forgotten development of the State.”

‘Beware of rebel Cong candidates’

Dr G Parameshwara, president of KPCC, warned the people to make sure they vote for the Congress official candidates, and not rebels in the forthcoming panchayat election.

“There is only one Congress party. Make sure you cast your votes in favour of the party with the symbol of the hand,” he said at the conference.

He also explained that rumours were being spread that a candidate is official only if he/she is given the ‘B’ form to contest, without it, he/she becomes a “rebel Congress” candidate.

“There is no party called Rebel Congress. Therefore do not cast votes in favour of such people,” he said.

Dr Parameshwara also displayed the election manifesto of a rebel candidate.

“A candidate with the symbol of a bicycle is contesting the elections. However, he is using pictures of former Congress leaders Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

“Who permitted him to do so?” he questioned.