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Last Updated : 23 December 2010, 13:28 IST
Last Updated : 23 December 2010, 13:28 IST

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They could become the best friends of your life! Just read this amazing book called The Magic Gamla Pot and you will never be scared of worms and boochies again! Kachamucha waste will make you want to collect more and more of it!

Left over food and boochies used to worry me before I learnt to use them to make fresh soil with them, and without charging me a rupee, they make my garden richer, happier and healthier! Though the authors say this book is meant for 4-8 years, I think it is good for 50 to 80 year olds too! Its just full of magical ways to make friends with slugs, earwigs, maggots, millipedes and other boochies and to learn through the marvellous illustrations in this book done by Radha Ramachandran, how they eat up our kitchen wastes to help us. You will never throw away your banana peel again because you know it makes great food for plants. The tree in your garden will be happy too because you will feed it with your kitchen waste!

Every page of this friendly little book will try its best to turn you into a green saviour, a child who cares for the environment every minute of every day! This is one book you simply have to pick up this very minute and keep it by your side, read it to your mother, your sister, your granny, your aunt and everybody else in the world. Soon you will turn into a little green compost making child, at home and in school and wherever else you go.

The Magic Gamla Pot
Authors: Trupti Godbole, Govind Mukundan,
Poonam Bir Kasturi
price: Rs. 180
Illustration: Radha Ramachandran
Publisher: Playn”speak
2992, 12th A Main HAL 2nd Stage
Bangalore 560008
India www.dailydump.org
M: 91 99164 26661

Published 23 December 2010, 13:20 IST

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