Water contamination deaths: Somwarpet village mourns

Aftermath of the situation has brought a mourning atmosphere in the Haadi with 22 houses in the region having a deserted look. The condition has turned so worse that three of the victims were being treated at the temporary treatment place at the temporary treatment centre. The residents of the Haadi prone to severe health anomalies on Wednesday and following the health problem, 17 people were admitted to the local government hospital. The two victims namely Sannappa and Basavi who were in a serious condition were treated at Madikeri hospital, but the efforts went in vain with the death of the two.

According to the sources, other victims who are being treated at Madikeri hospital are recovering slowly. Yet, the ill effect has not stopped completely as three of the Haadi residents were prone to illness on Thursday too.

Water problem

Doddamalte Gram Panchayat had materialised the natural drinking water project to the tribal community of Valagunda sometime back.

 Accordingly, pipeline was fixed to the stream water at a distance of 2 km from Haadi and the water was supplied to all the houses in the Haadi. Now it is said that the tragedy stuck the Haadi as the Gram Panchayat escaped from its responsibility.

A small cement tank has been constructed across the stream. The water flows from the stream to the Haadi passing the tank. It seems that as the tank has not been maintained properly, the tank water is polluted with dead rats and snakes.

The residents complain that dead parts of snakes were found in the pipe water few days back. In addition, a small lake has been formed in the bottom of the stream that consists of the stream of water. A few of the houses in the village are supplied with the lake water through pipeline. It is significant to note that all those who have used lake water are not affected with any health problems.

This Haadi of Scheduled Tribes though consisting of voters more than 65 in count, lacks basic facilities.

The Haadi people live in the hut made out of plastic and bamboo. There is no proper road and drainage system in the village.

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