Fishkill pollutes Bijapur tank

Fish had been dying for the last 10 days and the authorities had been oblivious to the event, residents of the areas surrounding the tank complained, expressing worry that the fish offal may give rise to epidemic diseases.

The historical Tajbavadi tank built during the reign of the Adil Shahi dynasty is located in the heart of the city. An engineering marvel, the tank is linked to wells in the various localities of the city. Water from the tank is supplied to bus station, Godabole Mala, Navbhag, Meenakshi Chowk and other localities.

The fear of the residents is rising to a crescendo as the main source for city’s potable water is also the Tajbavadi tank which recharges borewells that supply water to homes.

Many residents said stray dogs and pigs that ate the dead fish had begun to behave erratically. Fearing that the animals might harm their kids, parents are not sending their wards outside the house. To add to their concerns, the overpowering stench from the rotting fish has made life miserable for them.

“We are not able to bear the foul smell. Though the matter is brought to the notice of the City Municipal Corporation they seem to be blind over it,” complained the residents here.
“I have not sent my children to play outside the home, for dogs and pigs might harm them,” said a worried mother.

Deputy Commissioner S S Pattanashetty, who visited the tank said that water is polluted and he had directed the Corporation Commissioner to clear the tank of the dead fish.
Officers from the Water Board, Fisheries Department and Animal Husbandry have been asked to investigate the causes for the fish deaths.

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