Halemane releases 10 Beary books

Speaking after releasing 10 books in Beary language published by Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy at Town Hall here on Sunday, Prof Halemane insisted to look upon Kannada as a dominant language rather than terming it as regional language for the survival of other minor languages which are used in Karnataka. Lauding the efforts of Beary Sahitya Academy for its efforts to develop Beary language, he said, “despite Beary language spoken by minority population, the language will survive as the populace who speak in Beary language do not ignore their language owing to external influence.” 

Quoting the statement made by Noble laureate (Iddish litterateur) Singer in 1985, Prof Halemane said that as Singer rightly said “language is not dying, but we let it die.” The language would vanish if we ignore it. In an era of globalisation, there is always the possibility of the death of many languages, as the language that scores over other languages in terms of its financial benefit will survive, making other languages to breathe their last, he observed.

Chief guest on the occasion, litterateur Dr M S Ashadevi said that many a times in the presence of Kannada Sahitya Academy, the necessity of founding minority language academies are questioned from various quarters. But by witnessing the noteworthy achievement of Beary Academy in a short span of one and half years, the validity of establishing minority language academies proves of a great significance, she remarked.
Ten Beary books of different forms including novel, poetry collection, essays were released on the occasion. The name of the books are: ‘Nenal’ by Ibrahim Tannirbavi, ‘Taravad’ by U A Kasim Ullal, ‘Nallo Teru’ by K P Abdul Khader, ‘Moilanji’ by Hussain Katipalla, ‘Nombala’ by Pakrudin Iruvail, ‘Kaladire Swarga’ by Zubeida Gurupura, ‘Nando Raya’ and ‘Nando Samskriti’ by T A Aliyabba, ‘Pirsappad’ by Ashraff Apolo Kalladka, ‘Poomale’ by various poets and ‘Dapporo Pat’ by Ibrahim Tannirbavi and Hussain Katipalla.

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