KSRTC introduces multi-axle Vovlo buses to Mumbai

KSRTC introduces multi-axle Vovlo buses to Mumbai

Multi-axle Vovlo bus

Such buses have already been introduced in Bangalore on inter-State routes such as Shirdi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, KSRTC Mangalore division Asssistant Traffic Manager Jaishanth said the 13.8 metre long bus has been built exclusively for passenger transport. The buses are provided with multi axle which enhances the comfort level for long-distance travel.

The travelling in the multi-axle buses would be different from buses with conventional axles as passengers would not feel any jerks. Unlike the Volvo bus (Airavatha) which has a seating capacity of 44, the multi-axle Volvo buses can accommodate 47 persons since its chassis are long. “It has a powerful engine and the cooling effect from the air-conditioner is also superior. The comfort factor is high as the buses have large seats and more leg space.
In addition, two digital screens will be installed to watch movies. The multi-axle buses come with 340 horse power engines which are the most powerful on Indian roads, they are powered by a nine-litre Euro-III common rail engine.”

He said eight more such buses will arrive Mangalore by the month end. The buses will be put to Pune, Tirupathi, Hyderabad route. It has mobile and lap top chargers are provided for passengers use, he added.

The passenger saloon is provided with ultra modern interiors, reclining hi-tech passenger seats, imported floor carpeting. Emergency door is provided on right hand side of the bus for more safety to passengers. Ten cubic metre luggage space is provided under passenger seating area, he added. He said the normal KSRTC volvo buses were charging Rs 1,033 to Mumbai from Mangalore. The price of ticket is Rs 1,100 in multi-axle volvo bus to Mumbai.