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Last Updated : 17 January 2011, 12:11 IST

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The word had spread far and wide well before the fest began and the college was so crowded that one had to literally elbow one’s way through the crowd.

The University’s management made sure that they didn’t suspend classes during the fest.

“We decided to have classes as usual. If we had suspended the classes then students would never come to college and probably take off for three or four days.

So we made it compulsory for all students to attend the fest and also sent a circular around saying that they would get attendance if they participated in the fest,” said Sister Albina, the Principal .

The theme of this year’s fest were the five elements of nature and all the events were structured around these elements.  Day one opened with Indian Western Fusion and the Theatre Fest by the Dramatic Association. Moulding Earth and Floating Expressions by the Fine Arts Association were added on this year.

 ‘What’s your Spice Quotient’? by the Department of Nutrition and ‘Emotional Golmaal’ by the Human Development were a few exceptions this year.

“A lot of thought has gone into the designing of the events and MCC is always known for coming out with something different every year,” said Joseph Raj, a final year student of Christ University.

The first day concluded with a concert by the Beat Gurus. “The Beat Gurus always play according to the crowd and play whatever the crowd wants. There’s no pretence,” says Rahul of Jain College of Management who made sure he stayed  back for the concert.

Day two had more crowd than the first day. It began with Mock Rock by the Dramatics Association where the students had to come up and imitate a band.

In-Sync by the Western dance association had the students move to some fast but popular numbers.

“I don’t participate in any of the events. I just come here to hang around with friends and of course I get to bunk classes,” said Satish Bogle of Jain College.= Cul-Ah merchandise such as sweat shirts, cups, caps and other stuff were sold like hot cakes.

It was all about wearing the brand and flaunting it too. The last day had music and dance competitions such as wind chimes, catapult, western electric, and agnipariksha.

The theme ‘Earth’ was reflected in a fashion show that had rich and Indian ethnic wear. Bangalore’s ‘Thermal and a Quarter’ known for their hard rock closed the show with some of their popular pieces. Sandipta Chatterjee from Kolkata said, “There’s so much life and energy among the students here. You will not find such enthusiasm back home. I have never participated in such events. They’re all new to me but navigating it is easy,” she said.

Published 17 January 2011, 12:11 IST

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