'Playing Rama is a huge responsibility'

'Playing Rama is a huge responsibility'

Kitty is also playing an active role in a radio drama based on Ramayana, a medium that is completely new to him.

Talking about it to Metrolife, Kitty says that convincing people about a character without any visuals in front is a challenging task.

“It’s like coming to a movie set which has no camera and acting without any make up,” he laughs and adds, “I play the role of Rama in this radio drama.

And so far, it has been a wonderful experience. Playing a mythological character like Rama is a huge responsibility and one of the most challenging things has been to make the listeners imagine the sequences of Rama singing, crying and laughing.”

Currently working on the remake of Nadodigal with Puneeth Rajkumar and Yogesh, Kitty says that there isn’t much of a difference working in a multi-starrer.

“It has been a pleasure working with Puneeth and Yogesh. Growing up, I had always read about Puneeth’s father, Dr Rajkumar, and now I am getting to work in their production with annavaru’s son,” he says.

Soon one will see Kitty in Sanju Weds Geetha, in which he plays a lover boy whose aim in life is to marry an NRI girl and settle down in America. “It’s a fun-loving character and I feel people will get to see me in a different kind of role,” he states.