Hospital patience with BWSSB wears thin

Hospital patience with BWSSB wears thin

While patients and hospital staff negotiate their way around the uneven dust-filled roads, the hospital and Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) have locked horns in finishing the work.  Despite several complaints from the hospital authorities, the restoration work remains in limbo. In some places, the BWSSB has not even filled the dug up trenches and has left it to the pedestrians' risk. The Director of Bangalore Medical College Dr O S Siddappa, too, had written to the BWSSB seeking immediate action on the issue, a fortnight ago.

“Due to the uneven ground and dug up trenches in certain areas, patients cannot be wheeled in from one building to another. Even after highlighting the issue, in a letter, to BWSSB Chairman P B Ramamurthy, no action has been taken so far,” he said. Repeated complaints to the BWSSB engineers seeking inspection of the work have proved futile, said Dr B G Tilak, Medical Superintendent of the hospital. The funds have already been sanctioned, he said. The BWSSB is yet to receive the payments.

Bill not paid

Justifying its action, a BWSSB official said they cannot undertake the restoration till the hospital pays for the replacement of water and underground drain pipeline on the premises. “We completed both the laying of pipelines and metalling of road two months ago. However, we have not received any payment so far. We are aware of the inconvenience caused by the incomplete work, but we have our limitations as well,” he said.

The cost of laying water and sewerage pipelines is Rs 80 lakh and Rs 1.68 crore, respectively. If the bill for laying of pipelines, which totals to nearly Rs 2.5 crore, is paid, tenders will be floated and restoration work at an estimated cost of Rs 28 lakh will be taken up immediately, he added.

According to the BWSSB records, the new water pipelines have drastically brought down the water bills of the hospital. Frequent sewage blockages were also rectified by replacing UGD pipelines. However, restoration work was not included in the work order, the official added.