When failure leads to fury, it is the poorest who bear the brunt

The results of the recent panchayat elections were hard-hitting for many contestants. Having expected the citizens to vote them to victory, they could not believe that the voters 'let them down'.

The outcome- teach the 'traitors' a good lesson!

Therefore, granite slabs covering drains in the Colony have been pulled off, preventing free flow of sewage. Drinking water pipes, which were provided during the tenure of former minister K Srinivasa Gowda, too are disconnected. Even better, a mud hut has been built right in the middle of a road in the Colony.

Later reaction

The incidents, however, came to light pretty late. Also, complaints filed with the Taluk Panchayat chief executive officer did not attract any action or solution.

Such 'revenge politics' has been going on in the locality for more than 10 days. Yet, no concerned authority has bothered to pay attention to the problems, much to the dismay of the residents.

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