CB Pur police dept returns stolen property

CB Pur police dept returns stolen property

Elaborating on the crime rate between October and December last year, District Superintendent of Police T D Pawar said eight murder cases were reported in the said period, and the police had arrested 14 suspects in five cases.

In two burglary cases, the police arrested nine accused and recovered gold and silver jewellery worth Rs 3,46,500. Six people were arrested in three mugging incidents of the six reported in the three months and valuables worth Rs 1.63 lakh were recovered.

As many as 31 theft cases were reported and 10 suspects were arrested in five cases and valuables worth Rs 3,38,500 were seized. In addition, 66 minor theft cases were reported, of which 39 were solved and 31 suspects were held and goods worth Rs 10,86,315 were seized, he said.

Three dowry deaths, five dowry harassment and two molestation cases were filed in the three months. “We have already made arrests and filed chargesheets against the suspects in all the cases,” Pawar said.

Deputy SPs Anand, Duggappa, Circle Inspector Shivakumar and others were present.