Christians slam report; BJP happy

Church attack probe: We have been let down, says Vicar-General of Blore
Last Updated 28 January 2011, 17:30 IST

Reacting to the inquiry report, S Jayanathan, Vicar General of Bangalore Archdiocese said the entire Christian community is disappointed and felt it is very unfair.

The press statement was issued by Jayanathan as Archbishop Bernard Moras is out of the country.

Welcoming the report, the BJP said that “at least from now on the Congress and the JD (S) stop making false allegations against the BJP”.

Jayanathan quoted the report which stated that “some incidents of attacks are true”. If they were true why the Commission has failed to name those who were responsible for these attacks, Jayanathan asked.

And to say that “it was self-inflicted, some make-believe, some blow out of proportion and some totally politicised”, is indeed very painful and also also hurt the sentiments of the Christian community, the Vicar-General said.

Despite presenting video clippings and the other supporting documents to the Commission to prove that the churches and institutions of Christians were attacked, and the innocent persons were beaten up by the miscreants as well as by the police, it is disheartening to note that the Commission has failed to bring them to book, Jayanathan said.

“When the churches, institutions and innocent were attacked, the government had assured us that it would set up a commission to bring to light those who were behind these attacks. But the Commission has not done justice to the minority community by naming the culprits”.

The Christian churches in Karnataka and the Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (KUCFHR) said that they will study the final report of Justice Somasekara Commission and would initiate further course of action.

BJP spokesperson C T Ravi said the Opposition parties had alleged that the BJP and Sangha Parivar attacked the churches. But the commission’s report has confirmed that there was no role of either the BJP or Sangha Parivar in the church attacks. The governor too had made comments against the police. “I wish now Governor understands the reality. The government should bring in a legislation to abolish conversions,” Ravi said.

Congress leader Janardhana Poojary said he opposed the report, as it does not find fault with the ruling party and the Sangh Parivar for the attacks on the churches.

The commission has singled out Mahendra Kumar. He was state convener of Bajrang Dal when the churches were attacked. “Is he blamed because he quit Bajrang Dal and joined the JD(S),” asked Poojary.

(Published 28 January 2011, 11:29 IST)

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