Register case against Bishop if cognizable offence made out: Madras HC

Register case against Bishop if cognizable offence made out: Madras HC

Justice V.Karuppiah,admitting a petition filed by S Christopher Salmond, a Member of the Madurai-Ramanathapuram Diocese, asked police to register a case based on a complaint given against the Bishop on August 2 2010 and statement given to police on Dec 9 last by the petitioner.

The Petitioner submitted that the Seven acres at Ratchinayapuram in Tallakulam village was assigned to a U.S. based foreign mission in 1913.Then it was transferred to CSI on five conditions including that the land should not be sold and used only for Missionery purposes as per assignment condition.

To Manage the land and some properties, the CSI trust was formed in 1947. Even a request for starting a college,given by CSI in the said land, was rejected by the Directorate of collegiate education as it belonged to CSITA. The land worth Rs 20-Crore had now been sold by bishop, who got the power of attorney from one V Kasthuri and Paulin Sathyamurthy, treasurer and member of Sub committee of CSITA, violating all rules and regulations of the diocese, he said.

CSI suffered a loss of Rs 9.76 crore due to the sale to various persons, including Hussain Abdul, Saranya foundation, HFL REality ltd, the petitioner stated and said it was a clear of conspiracy, cheating and forgery.

The petitioner said he had given complaint to the DGP and Chief Commissioner of Income Tax with a plea to transfer the case to CB-CID for investigation.
He also alleged that the Bishop was involved in five other cases.

He contended that though his complaint attracted offences which were serious in nature, the Inspector had not registered the case, though he called him and recorded a statement on Dec 9, 2010 after it was forwarded by the DGP. Hence the court should direct the Inspector to register a case and proceed with the investigation, he said.