Anarchists planning to target royal wedding

Anarchists planning to target royal wedding

Extremists plan to wreak havoc around Westminster Abbey in London for a month before the big day and aim to ambush royal cars with roadblocks, diversions and smoke bombs April 29, The Sun reported. A secret email shows a satellite photo of the royal route -- with arrows marking several locations where the mobs plan to strike.

Leading anarchist Chris Knight revealed details of the campaign in a message to activists.
He outlined a two-pronged approach, with extremists causing havoc around Westminster Abbey for a month before carrying out further attacks on the day of the wedding.
"The plan is to mingle with well-wishers in large numbers, hold anarchist street parties, reoccupy Parliament Square, stage a carnival orgy and drive up security costs to the point when the whole wedding has to be relocated to St Paul's. This would be hugely embarrassing to the monarchy," Knight told activists.

According to the report, the email showing the route says the protesters' aim on April 29 is to "stretch police resources to the maximum" and adds: "The Police Federation, in dispute with the government over spending cuts, may thank us for this."

Knight, who was sacked as a university professor in 2009 for inciting violence against police and bankers, told The Sun: "The first phase is called Operation Dual Power.
"Around ten anarchist groups will take over key buildings including a barracks, a police station and local government buildings in Westminster.

"The second phase is on the day of the wedding. Overall, the plan is to cause as much trouble as possible so it becomes so prohibitively expensive for the police to control that they've either got to cancel the wedding or move it."

About 300 anarchists from ten different groups met at a secret location in Manchester two weeks ago to formulate their plans.

Thousands are expected to hijack an official demonstration in central London March 26, storming police stations, army barracks and government buildings. They will then attempt to occupy the buildings for five weeks until the wedding day, the report said.

When asked about the use of force, Knight, a key figure in a shadowy organisation called Network X, said: "Bring it on. We mean business. The royal wedding is a disgrace and if we stop it, I will be laughing.

"If the police press their nuclear button, I will press mine. We're prepared for trouble -- we've got hard hats, big shields, battering rams. We're going to take over a TV station and a radio channel and try and take over power at key centres."

"Network X is a joint command revolutionary organisation. It consists of the Whitechapel Anarchists Group, Democracy Village, the Direction Action Group, Class War and many environmental and feminist anarchists. What is the Army going to do, fire on us?"
Hundreds of cops have spent months gathering intelligence on anarchists. "Any attempt to disrupt the royal cortege will be dealt with robustly," a source said.  "An appropriate policing plan will be in place," a police spokesman said.

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