British puddings back in top spot, says survey

British puddings back in top spot, says survey

A new survey has revealed that 68 per cent of shoppers interviewed have claimed that apple crumble is their favourite pudding; spotted dick, sticky toffee pudding, jam rolypoly and bread and butter pudding have also seen sales soar.

According to supermarket group Asda, which commissioned the survey, homegrown British puds dominated the top 10, while foreign favourites such as French creme brulee and pavlova, named after a Russian ballet dancer, have slid down the list, the 'Daily Express' reported.

The retail giant's survey of customers also revealed two thirds bake their puddings. Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson said it was no surprise that our home-grown goodies had come out in front of rival dishes from abroad.

"Puddings and desserts are one thing that we do well in Britain. And we do it better than a lot of other countries whose desserts have far too much sugar and gelatine in," he was quoted as saying.

He added that apple crumble ticked all the boxes in being tasty, easy to prepare and versatile.

"It is a comfort food. With the current financial difficulties, people often go for comforting foods. And it's a good pud -- it has lots of flavour and crunch and it goes with everything -- you can have it with cream, custard or ice cream or even all three! "

Asda spokeswoman Vickie North said: "The humble apple crumble has found its way back on to the British pudding agenda once again after years of competition from more indulgent puds."