Working for a bright future

Working for a bright future


UNITED The members of Fortitude.

The theme for the week is ‘Ideas For India’ and our vision is Be The Change You Want To  See In The World (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi).

Sometimes an ‘idea’ is all that’s needed to change the world. We don’t need to be the President of the country or a politician. All we need is the desire to make a difference and truly believe in making the change and being the change.

We, the youth of the country, are the future and we believe that our ability to make a difference will define India in the years to come.

The theme ‘Ideas for India’ will enable us to encourage anyone and everyone with an idea to realise his or her entrepreneurial dream. In order to make this possible and put it into action, Fortitude has organised activities and programmes throughout the week to create maximum awareness and learning.

Fortitude is organising events which can broadly be classified into — off campus and on campus events. The major programmes off the campus are ‘Aakruthi’ for needy schools and colleges under ‘Build India Initiative’. The ‘Go Green’ initiative, which was started by Fortitude two years back, is on full swing too.

We are also organising a social entrepreneurship project Sparsh and E-Serve (slum adoption program) for the underprivileged. Besides this, Fortitude will also organise many public awareness programmes like exhibition, garage collection, SMS campaign with a difference, external outreach and rural outreach programmes, to name a few. The on campus events include various competitive events, training and skill development workshops and talks by entrepreneurs. We are also taking the challenge of reviving the Indian culture by organising the Indian Mela and Utsav — The Vibrant Carnival II. By organising various programmes and activities, we, the members of Fortitude, believe we can create opportunities for each and every individual, thereby making a difference.