Hot parathas on your plate

Hot parathas on your plate


HEAVENLY A variety of sweets.

And that is what exactly Laddoos is all about. While the name may suggest that this place sells only sweets, it is popular for its chaat items and snacks as well. This chaat and sweet shop is present near Udipi Garden in BTM Layout and has been enjoying constant visits from foodies from the past 11 years. “The place is popular for items like parathas, chola bhatura and puri chole,” says Sunil Kumar, the owner, who hails from Patna. Sunil informs that he kept the name Laddoos because it is catchy. “If you hear the name once, you will not forget it,” he says.

When here, one must try out a plate of hot paratha which are available in eleven flavours. The options are the usual aloo, gobi, methi to the hard to find fresh green peas and sattu parathas. All the parathas are served with pickle and fresh curd sprinkled with chaat masala. The filling is also spiced with some fried chana powder and the flour used in the dish is home ground. All the spices used in the food are also home-made and freshly ground.

As you dig into a plate of hot paratha, the freshness is hard to ignore. Each bite is soft and evenly filled with vegetables, which would make you crave for another piece. There is a live counter for the parathas, so you know that they are being made fresh.

Another must try at the place is the chaat. The place serves authentic North Indian chaat including pani puri, aloo chaat, bhel puri, samosa chaat, dahi kachori, dahi bhalla, dahi papdi chaat among many others.

The flavours are just right and so are the chutneys. The chaat is made from a variety of chutneys like lasan (garlic) chutney which is used in the bhel puri and sev puri, the kajoor (date) chutney, dhaniya (mint) chutney and finally the imli (tamarind) chutney, which is used to sweeten the chaat.

One must also try out the samosa and kachauri which are freshly fried in front of the customers at due intervals. Other items available at the place are pav bhaji, puri sabzi and rajma chawal.

With a name like Laddoos, it would be a crime to not taste the sweets here.
The place has around 36 varieties of sweets including the ever popular kaju burfi, moti choor laddoo, kesar laddoo, kalakand, rasmalai, gulab jamoon, rassogula among many others.

Try out the special burfi which is made from milk and has a sonda flavour which is derived after burning the milk in ghee.

The place is good as not only the items are moderately priced but also taste great. For details, call 26785108.