China's mistresses form online forum to share experiences

Last Updated : 21 February 2011, 13:31 IST

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The website www.xeixe.com - apparently operated by "China's Association for Mistresses," is only accessible by its 700-plus paid-up female members, all of whom claim to be mistresses of married men.

The topics most discussed on the forum, which has been online for more than seven months, include shopping, making friends, sharing experiences and even breast enhancement, state-run Shanghai Daily reported.

The mistresses share their experiences of being financially supported by married men and even exchange their "lovers" on online.

They call themselves "new-age professional mistresses" who are young, bold, shameless, not shackled by Chinese traditional values and they don't have to work a single day because their lovers pay them a higher salary than they could ever earn, the Daily said.

The mistresses publish links to their posts on the front page of the website and describe their relationships with wealthy men as well as the expensive gifts they receive: 20,000 to 30,000 yuan (USD 4,560.8) a month in pocket money, luxury products, cars and even apartments.

Some ask others about how much money they can get from their lovers and what methods could be used to "squeeze more money out of them."

Some of the mistresses also offer free online courses on training to be the perfect lover.
Many have also formed "rights protection associations" on the forums, where "sisters" would get together to avenge mistresses cheated by their lovers.

The women said they could upload the men's names and pictures online, expose the affair to their families and even initiate the human flesh engine to expose the men in public.

The mistresses are also said to be planning to celebrate their first annual festival on March 3, as the number "3" indicates their position as the third person in a relationship.

Published 21 February 2011, 12:22 IST

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