Rolling out the carpets...

There is a new range of carpets in the offing. South India’s first Hands retail outlet has opened its doors to the public.

Hands brings to Bangalore a veritable gallery of handwoven art, numbering over 1,000 and mounted on slide racks so buyers can study each exclusive design with comfort and ease, before they make their pick. Incidentally, this  method of display, a first in India, was conceived by Hands when the first Delhi showroom was opened. 

“This showroom is one of a kind in the south. We wanted to create an atmosphere where customers can choose the right carpet like they never have before. We’ve made carpet buying not just simpler, but also more fun. It’s a bit like choosing art. Customers can walk around, see the carpet in its entirety, feel the texture, shortlist and compare before they can make up their minds. And the choices are huge,” points out Maruthi Rao, Managing Partner for South India.

While the design choices are huge, the options go way beyond just the look.

Hands produces carpets of various types. From pure silk or wool, traditional handknotted carpets with Persian motifs to Nepali carpets made with Tibetan and Nepali weaving techniques and motifs, the options are plenty.

Then, there are shaggy or hand-woven carpets made on a base of cotton with silk or wool weaves, to tufted carpets made completely from wool or a mix of silk and wool. On display are carpets of varying design themes, from contemporary minimalist lines to rich motifs and patterns. There is also a range of convenient sizes, from a small 3 by 5 feet to a massive 8 by 10.

The choice doesn’t just end with what you see in the store. You can even have a design made to order – from size and shape to material and design. With the assistance of designers at the studio, a unique design can be produced exclusively.

The new showroom is also an excellent resource for professionals such as architects and interior designers who require a single-point-of-contact to resolve all their carpet woes.

No more procurement, delivery or payment hassles involved, as Hands provides options galore all under one roof.

Original and handmade

Every carpet is painstakingly and delicately made by hand. The company brings traditional carpet making techniques together with contemporary sensibilities and design.

Hands emphasis on quality ensures that only the finest silk, cotton and wool is used to produce a superior product, built to last for generations. Everything from the type of dyes to their application is a carefully supervised process with no margin for errors. As a result, some of the carpets can take months to make.

Says Ravi Patodia, the visionary man behind Patodia Exports, the company which owns the Hands brand, “All our products are lovingly woven together by hand in our design studio based in Bhadohi, UP’s famous carpet district. Our master craftsmen create magic using techniques tried and tested generations ago.”

For further details, contact ph: 080 2223 2223

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