Its time to stand up: Seer

Its time to stand up: Seer

Thousands take part in Virat Hindu Samajotsava in Madikeri

He was speaking at Virat Hindu Samajotsava organised by Sri Hanumad Shakti Jagarana Abhiyana Samiti at Gandhi Maidan here on Thursday. “The people should unite and destroy the evil forces like corruption, terrorism and conversion just like the way Lord Shiva destroyed three Asuras with the help of Lord Vishnu. The three evil forces do not go well with the culture and religion of India. Thus all Hindus must unite and meet the shortcomings that exist in Hindu religion. It is inappropriate on the part of Hindus to practice untouchability, by keeping away those people who are born in this land,” he said. 

Comparing River Ganga to religion, he said sacred River Ganga has been polluted by the people. Just like cleansing process of River Ganga, we should purify our religion by removing the practice of untouchability. When we don’t consider Catholics and Muslims as untouchables, how justifiable is it to consider the people from our own religion and our own land as untouchables? he questioned. He stressed that practice of untouchability leads to conversion.

Meanwhile, he asked the Hindu organisations and the gathering to aim at preserving the ancient Indian culture and heritage.

“The organisations must not sit quiet when the internal and external security of the nation is threatened by other forces. We welcome the people from all religion. Every one has the right to live. It is not a crime on the part of Muslims and Christians to live a cordial life with Hindus. Let the soothing air flow from all directions. Let us not make fuss of everything,” the seer urged.

He gave a call to the people to create an India which is free from untouchability and drinking habit. We shall aim at creating a strong, civilsed and patriotic society. We should protect India from all the evil forces, he said.

The key speaker Bajarang Dal National Convenor Subhash Chauhan said, the campaign has been organied not only to promote Ram Mandir construction, but also to build Ram Rajya, he asserted.