Savour the perfect flavour

Savour the perfect flavour

yummy Yin Yang soup, Hong Kong gravy, momos with sauce and Malaysian noodles.

Just opposite Banashankari BDA Complex is a small haven, Yin Yang, that is a gastronomical delight for Chinese and Thai cuisine lovers. Named after the popular Chinese symbol, it represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work.

According to the symbol, the dark, passive energy yin is constantly interacting with the bright, active energy, yang, causing everything in nature to happen. Chinese symbolism aside, the cute little place with dim lighting and just a couple of chairs thrown around has a warmth to it that is hard to ignore.  The large windows, adorned with strings of colourful lights, makes this place a perfect spot for a quiet evening.

The walls have fascinating Chinese art that gives an ancient feel to the place.
 Less then a year old, Yin Yang impresses at every end, from culinary genius to perfect ambience which makes a trip to this place a wonderful experience.

Cuisine-wise, one of its landmark dishes is the ‘Yin Yang special soup’ — a combination of tomato and spinach flavours.  It stands for everything the place represents. Damodar Rao, savouring the soup says, “I have never had anything like this before and I would strongly recommend this to people. The soup has two flavours and is made with such amazing consistency that the two flavours remain separate in the bowl and can be had either by mixing them up or separately!”

Another delicacy found only here are the schezwan momos. Most Chinese places offer the regular steamed or fried momos which people find too bland. Schezwan momos, dipped in spicy red sauce, are perfect for the Indian taste buds and a big hit here. The Malaysian noodles is yet another delicacy that is cooked to such perfection that the flavours linger on to scintillate the senses.

Cooking flat noodles is an art very few Chinese restaurants have mastered and Yin Yang is definitely one among the list. Malaysian noodles can be coupled with the fiery Hong Kong gravy that make the combination a mouth-watering delight. They offer a lot of variety to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians at reasonable prices. Gajendra Thakur and Dorothy Rahman, both regular customers at Yin Yang say, “We would really recommend the chilly gobi and the momos here. We love the ambience of this place. It is a complete package and since we are students, it works out to be very cost effective for us.” Yin Yang also have home delivery services. For details, call 42124015 or 9164004000.