Anything for a good time

Anything for a good time


Anything for a good time

Enjoying: People watching cricket at the amphitheatre in UB City.

Sports cafes across the City have never had it so good. There’s the World Cup and football too. Sports enthusiasts prefer to hang out at these cafes with their friends.

Spending a few extra bucks for a great ambience doesn’t seem to be an issue with the young in the City. Total strangers bond well with each other and the team spirit really soars.

Metrolife spoke to a few youngsters across the City who frequent sports cafes and asked them what got them hooked onto these cafes.

Aditya, a student says, “It is a whole different atmosphere when you watch a game with a group. And especially when you meet strangers who support the same team or the same football club as you do, it is like a bond exists between you and them.” One may wonder if it is a waste of money as these places are quite expensive and one tends to spend quite a bit. Suraj, an advertising professional says, “It’s not about the money. It’s about the fun you have at these places. It is gratifying to have so many people watch the sport that you like. Everything comes at a price. Even if you sit at home with friends you end up spending almost equal amount of money. So why not shell out a little more and enjoy?”

However, there are a few others who beg to differ. Sandeep, a graphic designer says, “I don’t like watching a match in cafes. I would prefer watching it in the comfort of my house. The same group can jam up in one house and watch a cricket or a football match.
The only thing we have to compromise on is a big screen but that is manageable.” He adds, “When you want to watch a match in a stadium and do not get the tickets, such cafes are the next-best option.”

But when you are surrounded by a huge group of sports fanatics, won’t there be a chance for fights to arise? Suraj says, “There might be small squabble over a game but nothing major. At the end of the day, it’s all taken in good spirit.” And what happens when there’s more than one game happening at a time? “Nothing can be done about this. There are people with different tastes and preferences. So when I know that the game I want to watch is not going to be aired then, I just sit at home,” he adds.