Singing a new tune

Singing a new tune

Different Role

Singing a new tune

Rocking : Upendra

Jogaiah is not just another movie for Prem. This is special because it is Shivanna’s 100th film and Prem wants to make sure he ropes in only the best for the making of the movie, whether it is the song, cast or the technical side. “I am so excited that Upendra sang the song which is written by me.

The song has the names of all the heroines of the Kannada film industry. Right from Bharathi, Jayanthi, Rakshita down to Ramya... The song captures the mood of the time and era these women acted in. The video too has the characters appear in the costume pertaining to that era,” Prem tells Metrolife.

Prem says this particular song has been shot in 3D format.

“This is the first Kannada movie that will have a song in 3D form. Each song costs Rs one crore sixty lakh. It’s terribly expensive but we wanted only the best for Shivanna and the producer too didn’t think twice before plugging in the money,” says Prem.

Prem observes that Jogaiah has raised a lot of expectations among the people and this song too seems to have caught the fancy of people, “it’s truly different and I wouldn’t be surprised if people have begun talking about the song. We hope to release the audio soon, after which the song will be available to the people,” says Prem.

Shivanna will be taking seven different avatars in Jogaiah. “My idea is to portray a man who is transformed by his circumstances. He reforms his ways and what leads to that reformation is the crux of the story. The avatars portray the many moods,” says Prem.

The make-up for every get up is elaborate and Prem says he got the looks done locally rather than depend on people from Mumbai.