Beautify your garden

From outdoor fountains to wind chimes, from large and small statuary to interesting planter options, there is plenty to choose from to give a garden space that little design feature which makes it more interesting.

“A home is considered incomplete without a beautiful and well-maintained garden, however tiny. It can be a quiet balcony adjoining your bedroom with well-placed hanging plants, a terrace garden to get away to or a small backgarden to enjoy a cup of tea and read a book,” says Veena.

But how does one enhance one’s existing garden space? “Nothing enhances the tranquillity of a space more than the sound of flowing water so one can block out background noise with a decorative, yet functional outdoor garden fountain. Wind chimes made from a variety of materials like metal, glass and bamboo can create a perfect musical accent while providing visual beauty to a garden or patio space,” she says.

“Small or big statues and figures that are whimsical or unusual, are the quickest way to insert colour and fantasy to your garden decor. Here we have birds, mushrooms and various kinds of artistic creations including lady bugs and turtles to make your garden interesting and funky,” she adds.

There are also planters in different shapes and sizes, wall decorations that are made from driftwood, stone or ceramics and a wide range of tools and garden equipment that cover all the gardening needs.  

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