Tarun Gogoi all set to win Titabor seat

Tarun Gogoi all set to win Titabor seat

“The chief minister’s win is a foregone conclusion, but now we are striving hard to ensure that he wins by a record margin of votes and create electoral history not only in the state but also in the country,” Titabor block Congress president Sonadhar Rajkhowa said.

The chief minister, who had a minor operation in New Delhi last week, is yet to hit the campaign trail, but his supporters are confident he would ride the poll solely on the basis of development work he had initiated in this once-backward constituency.

Another party worker Ghana Hazarika points out that the real contest is for the second spot which is expected to be a triangular one between Asom Gana Parishad’s (AGP) Montumoni Dutta, CPI’s Kula Das and BJP’s Kaminish Deori.

A traditional Congress bastion, Titabor, which is in the Jorhat Lok Sabha constituency, has been represented by Gogoi since 2001 after he was elected in a by-election following the party’s wresting of power from the AGP.

Titabor, with a high literacy rate of 81.8 per cent, is also the headquarters of the Thengal Kachari Autonomous Council which is headed by the Congress.