Palace Board nod to Curzon Park II landscaping project

Palace Board nod to Curzon Park II landscaping project

Hurdles cleared for improvement of area

Another space to breathe easy: Mysore City Corporation has resumed work on developing Curzon Park II, in Mysore. DH Photo

The city corporation had prepared an estimate of ` 90 lakh to develop the park under Chief Minister’s Special Grant of ` 100 crore.

The park situated beside Balarama Gate of Amba Vilas Palace (between the north gate of the Palace and Horticulture Department), had turned into a safe haven for many- from shelterless to waywards, rag pickers to destitutes, occupying every inch of the park.

According to the plan, it had been decided to lay interlock tiles to help joggers and strollers get their bit of fresh air, apart from amusement for children with slides, swings, seesaw among other play materials and ornamental plants and flowers adding to the greenery.

Most importantly, an amphitheatre to entertain the gathering on occasions. No sooner the related works were launched in the early 2010, the Palace Board intervened, stating that the intended works may mar the beauty of the Palace.

As a result, the works were stalled subsequently. Moreover, what forced the Palace Board to act was the open spaces it had well maintained, around the Palace. Barring Maramma Temple, the City and Rural Bus Stands and Horticulture Office Complex that includes Hopcoms stall, it had not allowed any concrete structures in other vacant places.

This includes all gates, and the adjoining Horticulture Department too. Likewise, the board wanted to maintain the very space of about three acres of land, without allowing any structures to come up.

Sources said, following the intervention of Deputy Commissioner Harsh Gupta, who is also the Member Secretary of the Board, the differences have been cleared.

Permission granted

When contacted by Deccan Herald, Deputy Director of the Board P V Awaradhi said they have issued permission to the MCC on a condition that the park will be handed over to the board after developing the same. Accordingly, the works have resumed and is expected to be completed in next two to three months.

With this all the parks-Curzon Park-I where Dasara Flower Show is organised every year, Curzon Park-II and Curzon Park-III will sport bejeweled look promising some good lung space in the heart of the city.