Pak PM hails Mohali talks as 'milestone'

Pak PM hails Mohali talks as 'milestone'

Gilani, in an official statement issued by his office today, said the World Cup semi-final match in Mohali provided a "very useful opportunity to the leadership of Pakistan and India to get together and discuss the whole gamut of bilateral relations".

"The Prime Minister has termed his interaction with the Indian leadership as a milestone on the way of opening up a new chapter of good neighbourly relations and cooperation between the two countries," he said.

The warmth and hospitality shown by the Indian leadership and people to Gilani, his entourage and Pakistan's cricket team reflected "the shared sentiments of goodwill between our two people which needs to be built upon for sustained and long-lasting peace and amity between the two countries", the statement quoted Gilani as saying.

Gilani visited India at the invitation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to watch yesterday's keenly contested cricket semi-final clash between the two countries, which India won.

The Prime Minister will invite members of Pakistan's cricket team, on their return to the country, to commend them on their performance in the World Cup and to encourage them for better results in future, the statement said. The team is expected to arrive in Pakistan via Dubai early tomorrow morning.