Arunima stable, responding to treatment

Arunima stable, responding to treatment

"She is stable and recovering on expected lines. We will be doing dressing of her amputated leg today (Wednesday)," AIIMS Trauma Centre head M.C. Misra told IANS.

Arunima, who is now in the orthopaedic department at AIIMS, was brought to the hospital's Trauma Centre Monday night after a serious infection was noticed in the amputated leg for which she underwent a second round of surgery at Lucknow's prestigious King George Medical College -- now upgraded to the Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University.

"I saw her at 7 this morning and she was cheerful. She had sound sleep Tuesday night and was feeling better," he said. A team of four doctors, led by Vijay Sharma, has been formed to look after her case. The other doctors are Sanjiv Bhui, Amit Gupta and Chhavi Sahani.

Asked about the line of treatment planned for the player, Misra said: "We are waiting for her culture reports and any required procedures will be carried out next week."

Arunima will not need any other operation for spine and pelvic fractures which were found on a CT scan as the doctors said that both will heal with bed rest. Arunima was pushed out of the general compartment of the Padmawati Express near Bareilly April 11 while resisting a chain-snatching attempt by some hoodlums as she was travelling from Lucknow to Delhi.

Her left leg was crushed when it came under the wheels of another train passing on the parallel rail track and had to be amputated.