NAAC to change assessment method

NAAC to change assessment method

Speaking at the NAAC Accreditation Award Ceremony, he said the new methodology will reflect both changes that have been taking place in the higher education and NAAC’s own experiences over the years.

The council also has plans to receive feedback from the stakeholders, including members of society and academicians, while assessing the quality under the new system, he added.
University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Prof Ved Prakash said universities should not confine themselves to transmission and certification of knowledge.

“A majority of the centres of higher learning in the country have failed in capacity building exercise. There is a crisis in the country in this regard... Unless an institute evolves itself into a centre of excellence, it does not deserve to be called a centre of higher learning,” he stated.

Universities, he further said, should connect themselves with society, people and non-government organisations. Centres of higher learning should be held accountable on three aspects: use of the available resources in a responsible manner, maintenance of quality and response to the needs of society.

This requires conviction of the highest order and huge investment, he added.
In this connection, assessment being done by the NAAC helps the institutions to know their strengths and short comings. Journey towards quality is a continuous process. Certification by NAAC does not mean the end of the road, but it is just the beginning, he pointed out.

Warning to institutions

Prof Mehta warned all those institutions which did not turn up at the award ceremony to receive the assessment certificates and said NAAC will henceforth make it mandatory for heads of all accredited institutions to personally collect the certificates.

“It is not a happy situation that only 400 of 760 accredited institutions have attended the function. Hence forth, NAAC will stop despatching the certificates through couriers. Heads of institutions should personally come and collect them,” he stated.