'Post 26/11, India, US enhanced co-op in fighting terror'

'Post 26/11, India, US enhanced co-op in fighting terror'

"The November 26 attack was a terrible episode... it was an unfortunate incident. In this case, India and the US collaborated better than they have before. India and the US are collaborating on counter-terrorism and global security. The ties between the two countries strengthened," Folmsbee told PTI here.

"An FBI agent... an American agent testifying in a court of law in India (in the Ajmal Kasab's trial) is a symbolic thing. This is an indication of collaboration between the two countries," he said after the farewell party hosted by the Indo-American Society last evening in suburban Bandra.

"Also, not to forget the way people of India recovered after the attacks. During this face of adversity there was unity and positive support from all sectors of society. There was tremendous response. We all remember the candlelight vigil and march that all religious faiths participated in. This was proof of India's strength, great diversity and the determination," he said.

On his three-year stay in Mumbai, Paul said, "It was a great experience here. The growth is tremendous. There is a huge potential. It was a privilege to be part of this history. I Thank you all and well done, India..Chak De!."

Folmsbee will now be heading to Afghanistan as the Head of Military Operations (US).
"I have no apprehensions going to Afghanistan. There are a lot of opportunities there...and I can do a lot," the US diplomat said.