Puttannaiah favours movement against corruption

Puttannaiah favours movement against corruption

r Development Authority, Seer Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattaraka of Kanakagiri Srikshethra, Kalyanasiri Bhantheji, Vishwamythri Budha Vihara and others are seen. DH photo" align="left" />Asking people to emulate values of revolutionary Basaveshwara, president of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha K S Puttannaiah has called for a movement to eradicate corruption in the country.

In his address at the second and final day of Basava Jayanthi celebrations at Kalamandira here on Saturday, he said members of the society should start the movement to root out corruption and corrupt politicians. The Lokpal bill should strengthen the Lokayukta and bring all citizens of the country irrespective of prime minister and chief minister under the law, he said adding that Basaveshwara’s principles also called for equality among all sections of society. There should be concerted efforts to bring back the money stashed in the Swiss bank, he stated.

Delivering a taluk on the subject “modernisation and rural life” , he said about seven lakh farmers committed suicide in the country so far. Though, the rural region contributes 75 per cent of the tax mobilisation, directly and indirectly, the successive governments neglected rural areas and the farmers. The villages are last priority for the rulers which has led to the high rate of farmer suicides, the Raitha Sangha leader said.

“The youngsters should be given a value-based education based on Basaveshwara’s ideals for a better tomorrow. Basavanna emphasised on agricultural sector along with fighting equality for all in the society. However, the youngsters are quitting farming in search of greener pastures in cities.

The government should come out with a rural economic policy to prevent the exodus of the rural population, which is posing a threat to food security,” he remarked. Dr R Balasubramaniam, founder and Director of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) said there was a greater disparity between the rural and urban regions in health and education sector.

The Bangalore city alone needs 54 per cent share of the total power consumption in the state, even as the rural regions go without electricity for almost the whole day. The contribution of rural region to GDP growth fell almost 20 per cent in last 10 years, he said.  G K Ravindra Kumar, programme director, Akashavani said the a few reality shows in Kannada channels was threatening native culture of the rural areas.

“These reality shows are launching an assault on the rural culture and tradition,” he opined. During the valedictory session, noted writer Prof Maleyuru Guruswamy, press photographer Anurag Basavaraj, Dr Bindu Balasubramniam, Anapoorna Kuruvinakoppa, Chief Minister’s personal secretary Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy were felicitated in recognition of contributions in their respective fields.

Chandrakanth Bellad, Chairman of the Border Development  Authority, Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattaraka, seer of Srikshethra Kanakagiri, Kalyanasiri Bhantheji, Vishwamythri Budha Vihara were present.