Waiting with bated breath

Waiting with bated breath

SSLC Results

With all the hype built around these exams, it is only natural for the students to be nervous about the D-day. Metrolife asked some of these students how they are feeling and how they are expecting the results to be.

Tension regarding the results is quite evident in all the students, in spite of how well they have done. “I am pretty nervous and a bit scared too and I think all the students are scared,” says Sharad D R from Aps High School in Basavanagudi. Others agree. “I am very tense about the results.

Even my parents are quite nervous about it because the results depend on the mood of the evaluator,” says S V Vidyashree from Sri Mookambika High School. “The exams went well for me. All the papers were easy except for social studies which was a bit tough,” says Monisha Arunkumar from Little Flower Public School.

Science and social studies seem to be the weak points for many others too. “All the papers were quite easy except for science. Students were expecting the maths paper to be tough but it turned out to be fine,” says Sharad. “All the papers were fine except for science which was a bit tough. Social studies was a little tricky,” says Vidya.

But some of these students seem to be taking it casually and expecting the best. “I am at my grandmother’s house now but will be coming back tomorrow. I am not nervous at all because I had a month to prepare for the exams and I made use of it. I am expecting around 87 per cent,” says Monisha.

The parents too are taking it as it comes. “My parents are more curious about the results than I am. I don’t have any expectations as such and will get a first class in all probability or more than that,” says Sharad. “My parents are pretty cool about the results. Anything above 80 per cent is fine with them,” says Manasi T, a student.

“I am hoping to get a distinction in the exams. My friends and parents are quite excited about it all,” says Vidya. And a few confident ones know that their work is going to pay off. “I am not that nervous as the papers were quite easy and I prepared a lot for the exams. My parents are cool as they know how much I have worked. I am expecting around 94 per cent this time around,” says Ajay Naik from Mahila Mandali School.