Taking it step by step

Taking it step by step

Swinging Away

From ballet recitals to salsa lessons, people in Bangalore have been experimenting a lot when it comes to their dance moves. Is this a fad or is it something that people are taking seriously? Metrolife takes a look.

“Earlier, people did not know where to go to learn them. But today, there are so many avenues to learn Western classical dance forms,” says Parimala, a working professional.

“Many movies are made on dance styles, so there is a lot of buzz created about them. Also, learning it has become much more accessible,” says Savita, a marketing executive.

“The interest level in general has gone up in the past couple of years especially in Bangalore. That could be attributed to the various social occasions that one attends these days,” says Kowsik Krishnan, a software engineer.

The avid dancers also form a part of this increasing group. Ramya R Mallya, a student, who has been learning ballet for over 10 years, says that she started because of her own interest.  “I watched a beautiful ballet show when I was young and I decided to join the classes since then. My parents knew about the dance only to a certain extent but were quite supportive of it,” she says.

“There are many people trained in Indian classical forms who like the experience of learning a new dance form and that is the reason they join,” says Shravni Das, a professional. But the glamour factor attached to these dance forms cannot be  ignored.

“Nowadays,  Western dance forms are becoming quite popular and many know about it. Also, for a lot of young girls, ballet is something very pretty which they all want to       be part of,” adds Ramya.

Another reason which can’t be ruled out is the fitness factor. “I am learning jazz because of fitness reasons. And since I have never danced before, the idea of beginning with Indian classical dance is not really comfortable for me,” says Parimala. It is also a way to meet new people for many.

“Other than the fitness aspect, one gets to meet people from various backgrounds and so it helps in expanding the social circle,” says Kowsik.  Whatever may be the reason, it is all about having a good time at the end of the day.