Pre-monsoon showers trigger farming activities

Pre-monsoon showers trigger farming activities

Agricultural department gets ready to supply seeds to farmers

Fertilisers stored in a godown in Chikmagalur. DH Photo

The farmers are engaged in levelling their field and sowing seeds. Farmers in plateaus have already sown oil seeds. The agriculture department has stocked the required seeds and fertilisers. There will be no shortage of seeds and fertilisers, said district agriculture department officer to Deccan Herald.

The demand for seeds was 15,000 quintal till August-September. Measures have been taken to distribute the seeds in 34 raitha Samparka Kendras.

The sowing of seeds have already begun at Kadur, Tarikere and Chikmagalur. Sowing has been completed in 700 to 800 hectare land. Sowing will be completed in 1,500 hectare by the month end. At present, urad dal, green gram, yard long beans, sun flower and maize seeds are being distributed to the farmers, the officer said.

Paddy will be sown in Mudigere, Sringeri, N R Pura and Koppa taluks.  The demand for paddy seeds will be released in the month of June. At present, the department has stocked 150 quintal of paddy seeds. “We have IET 71, 91, Thunga IET 13, 901, IR-64 varieties of seeds available for distribution,” he added.

Farmers can avail 50 per cent subsidy on the seeds available at Raitha Samparka Kendra.


There is no shortage of fertilisers in the district. “By the month end, we should get 23,420 tonne fertilisers. About, 16,116 tonne fertilisers have already been distributed among farmers. There was demand for 4,010 tonne NPK and the district has received 4,079 tonne. The demand for OMP was 3,400 tonne. About 1,600 tonne has been received so far. A total of 3,180 tonne urea has been supplied to the district. There was great demand for NPK among the coffee growers,” he said and added that the district will receive the required amount of fertilisers within a week. There will be no artificial scarcity of fertilisers.  

Maize cultivation

The officer said the farmers in plateau are showing keen interest in growing maize. About 1,000 quintal maize seeds are ready for distribution. Last year, about 4,000 quintal maize was distributed. About 1,000 quintal ground nut seeds have been distributed. The district has 500 quintal ground nut seeds ready for distribution, said the officer.

Hasiru Sene district officer Shashidhar said “owing to bird menace, the farmers in Kadur, Tarikere have stopped growing oil seeds. Oil seeds increase the fertility of the soil. However, the agriculture officers are not creating awareness on the same among the farmers.”