Lokpal Bill won't end corruption, says Jois

Lokpal Bill won't end corruption, says Jois

Speaking at an event in Bangalore on Tuesday, he said that corruption cannot be curbed by law.

"The Lokpal Bill will not solve everything. There needs to be an attitudinal change towards ending corruption", he added.

Praises galore on Sir MV

Jois, who was speaking at the Foundation Day of the Institute of Engineers, heaped praises on founder Sir M Visvesvaraya for his probity in public life.

"It is said that he used to carry two lamps with him, one his own, and another given by the government. Whenever he was engaged in personal work, he would utilise his personal lamp, and whenever he was engaged in government work, he would use the latter", said Jois.

The MP lamented that today's politicians did not adhere to the standards set by Visvesvaraya.  "These days, there is no difference between their  personal wealth and government wealth", he said.

Jois recounted that his first public event after taking over as Governor of Jharkand in Ranchi was the International Engineer's Day. "I was surprised to know that Sir MV’s fame spread beyond the old Mysore region", he said. "Even during my visits to Patna and Chandigarh, his legacy was clear to everyone", he added.

Jois also praised Visvesvaraya’s virtuosity in conceiving, designing, and planning the Krishnaraja Sagara Dam. He was one of the worthiest recipients of the Bharat Ratna award, he added.

Earlier, the Institute honoured members for their contributions on the occasion of the 44th Foundation Day. Those felicitated included former Vice Chancellor of Roorkee University H C Visvesvaraya and M P Chowdaiah.