Rege says he had short interaction with Headley

Rege says he had short interaction with Headley

Though Headley described Rege as Shiv Sena PRO, the party has said it does not have any post like that.

On his meeting with Headley, Rege said, "It was a two-second interaction what I had with him personally.

"At that time, he was not carrying a camera and he was not carrying anything in his hand, like a bag or something. He was in a normal shirt and pant," Rege said.

"The Delhi officials, the NIA came to me. They came in because, they are handling this case.

They called me up and they met me. After that, I met them two-three times and they wanted to know what discussions I had with Headley and how and when we met.

"The NIA asked me whether his behaviour was okay, or whether it was dicey. What I did, what he was wearing," Rege said.

Headley, who scouted the Sena headquarters in Central Mumbai, informed a US court yesterday that he and his LeT handler Sajid Mir discussed killing Shiv Sainiks and a plot to kill Bal Thackeray.

"We have discussed. This man (Reggie) was very important and would have given us access to this organisation (Shiv Sena)," Headley has said, adding there was a plot to kill the Shiv Sena chief.

Rege said he was a member of the Sena but was not holding any post when he met Headley. Headley describing him as PRO of Sena is "his version and not mine," Rege said.