Coping with weather changes

Coping with weather changes

Coping with weather changes

Summers, earlier, were never too hot in the City and a slight increase in temperature would result in evening showers. However, this year, the summer has been unusually erratic with the sun blazing down with a fierce intensity.

The use of air conditioners, a concept unheard of in the City, has become common and many Bangaloreans too own an A/C now.

The heat is followed by heavy rains, which clog streets and lead to heavy traffic jams causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents.

Since Bangalore has never experienced such heavy rainfall, the infrastructure of the City is crumbling, unable to cope with the rains.

Metrolife asked Bangaloreans if they thought the climatic changes in the City are a cause of concern and how they were coping with the changing weather. Rohit Kumar, a relationship manager, who has been in the City for the past four years says, “The weather in the City has changed drastically and the summers are really bad this year. There was a time when I didn’t switch on the fan during summers but now the situation is so bad that

air-conditioning is needed. Though I still feel that the summer is still not as bad as
it is in other cities, over the years it has gotten hotter. One of the reasons could be the fact that a family of four in Bangalore has six vehicles. Pollution is one of the main causes for increased temperature  in the City.”

Agreeing with Rohit Kumar, is Sameer Simha M, a student who says that
summers definitely have gotten hotter. He says, “Bangalore always remained pleasant during summers. I remember we never really felt the heat and were always out on the streets playing. However, this year it is a strange kind of dry heat that tires you down easily. The heat is such that it becomes difficult to stay out for too long.”

He adds, “Many of my friends have developed skin allergies due to excessive
exposure to the sun. The power shortage and water problems are also responsible for making matters worse.”

Giving a humourous take to the weather woes is Pranavi N, a student who says, “God seems to be ridiculously confused this summer. It is like He brings outs the sun, gets bored of it and then brings out the heavy rains.”