Taliban aim to take over Pak, its nukes: WSJ

Taliban aim to take over Pak, its nukes: WSJ

However, the terror group aims to take over the country as well as its nukes.

Taliban has stepped-up violent campaign to avenge Os­a­ma bin Laden’s death, renewing fears that the country’s warheads could be vulnerable.

Declaring that “Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power state,” Taliban spokesman Eh­s­­anullah Ehsan said that his g­r­oup had no intention of ch­angi­ng the fact, “Wall Street Journal” reported. The Talib­an, after all, aim to take over Pakistan and its weapons, he said.

A well coordinated Taliban attack on Pakistan key naval airbase at Karachi had trigg­ered fresh global alarm that ra­dical militant groups operating from the country’s restive tribal areas bordering Afghanistan might be out to snatch nuclear weapons.

Seeking to dismiss these conc­erns, Ehsan claimed that US was using this as an excuse to pressurise Pakistan government and military into fighting Taliban, whom he portrayed as country’s true protectors.

“Isn’t it a shame for us to ha­ve the Islamic bomb, and even then we are bowing down to the pressures of America?” the Taliban spokesman mocked.

WSJ said Ehsan’s remarks appeared tailored to appeal to th­at increasingly nationalist ma­instream, where conspiracy th­eories flourish about American, Indian and Israeli plots to deprive Pakistan of its atomic arsenal.