On a rough path

On a rough path


On a rough path

strict People driving rashly should be heavily fined.

The authorities should ensure that the rules and procedures for acquiring a driving licence is made stricter.

Metrolife spoke to people who feel that the authorities are complacent in this matter and the test procedures need to be more comprehensive to judge the driving skills of the person in the right manner. Says Archana, “I have noticed so many people who have licences but do not know how to ride properly nor do they know of lane discipline. This causes a lot of chaos on the roads. And sometimes, most vehicle users do not have bona fide licences and the cops just turn a blind eye to such incidents.”

Vijay Vikram, Joint Commissioner for Transport says, “I agree that there are many accidents taking place but this cannot be attributed to getting a licence. We have a comprehensive test pattern. In order to get a Learner’s Licence, the person will have to first answer a written test.

And this is a computer generated paper which covers all the aspects like the provisions in the act, rules etc. And then during the main test, the actual driving skills are checked. And during this time, there is even a training which is conducted. We have even introduced a computerised driving track at Malathahalli. We are doing our part to ensure safety and people should also be responsible while driving.”

However, this effort by the authorities seems to be a waste according to many. Says Ashuthosh, “The computerised testing, which they have introduced, is good but it doesn’t serve the purpose as not many people know about this. Moreover, it is at a place where people do not even go for the test. So it is pointless.”

And there are many loopholes in the procedure of acquiring a licence. It is evident that one can pay and get a licence even without going through a test. Says Rajath, a student, “I feel this digitisation of the procedures wouldn’t make a big difference as there is so much corruption going on. You pay extra money to the agents and you can get a licence even if you don’t pass the test. So the RTO should do a thorough check on the procedures followed to curb this illegal thing that is rampant.”  This being the case, imposing stricter rules is the need of the hour.

Even the traffic police has a role to play in this matter. Says Caleb, a student, “People who do not follow the rules or are caught driving rashly should be punished and charged a heavy fine. Only this can deter them from resorting to illegal methods to acquire a licence.” But before such situations arise, it is imperative for the traffic authorities to incorporate a few changes in the set rules to bring about a transparency in the issue of  licences.